In this video you can learn more about what we do through a little documentary of us shown in the TV program La aventura del saber (La 2, RTVE).

Empower Parents is a working methodology intended to create a learning community among families with children in the Autism Spectrum (ASD). At Empower Parents, we are working to get museums and cultural institutions to become more open, accessible and inclusive spaces through the empowerment of the families.

Thanks to this empowerment, parents acquire a new role. They become mentors in our workshops and he educational team become mere facilitators. This work team is completed by the rest of the members that form part of each family: brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents,… They all enjoy the sessions and also get a chance at some stage to develop one.

Our families say about us…

Gemma, Teo's mother

“Through Empower Parents I see Teo as a happy and included boy. That is the main objective of my life: I want Teo to be a happy and included adult in the future.”

Isabel, Ángel's mother

“All the activities designed for children with ASD focus on just on the children. Here, we have an activity for the whole family, an activity that allows us to have a funny time together.”

Nuria, Nacho's mother

“What I have learnt of Empower Parents is that when we are able to adapt the world to the needs of our children, inclusion is possible.”