New workshops with the artist Irene Cantero.


New workshops with the artist Irene Cantero.

Empower Parents ins a program that aims to strengthen and create the effective and affective bonds between families with children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) transforming the museum into a place of encounter in which they can develop artistic practices from the shared experiences.

In June Empower Parents starts working with the artist Irene Cantero in the new exhibition that will be shown in the ICO museum Paisaje enmarcado. Misiones fotográficas europeas, 1984-2019. Exhibition that it is designed under the frame of the International festival of pohotgraphy and visual arts PhotoEspaña 2019.

From the exhibition the families will make workshops with the intention of generate an appropriation of the space and its visibility and interaction with other publics. From the experience of the artist and the tour of the exhibition, the sessions are proposed for the families to explore the movement as a new way of expression and of inhabit cultural spaces. Where the body is the fundamental media to dialogue, interact and reflect about the artistic work, promoting the creative process in the children and in the rest of the group.

Irene Cantero is an artist that works in diverse realities always framed on the living arts, the body languages, choreography, interpretation and pedagogy. In her practice she explores a way of understanding the dance from the transdisciplinary and the resistance. She also has a lot of experience as a scenic illuminator. She has worked developing her own work and collaborating with other independents companies and artists that hold a line between the contemporary dance, performance and the hybrids genders.